Secrets of Wine Tasting Revealed: A one of a kind behavioural experiment for you to witness

We at IRIANS find psychology and neuroscience fascinating. What draws us to this field is not only the desire to scientifically understand humans in different contexts but also the ease with which we can apply these disciplines to daily life. We see applications of our research in fields as diverse as law, architecture, hospitality and fashion to name a few. In this attempt we have collaborated with organisations like the United Nations, European Union, Oxford University, Sula Wines among others.

Our varied interests and interdisciplinary approach is evident from our founders. The two founders are Indroneel Chatterjee and Raul Villamarin Rodriguez. Indroneel’s professional experiences ranges from fields like advertising, marketing and media, food, hospitality, tourism. Raul, along with being an expert in deception detection, provides consulting services for law agencies.

On Saturday, the 22nd of August 2015, IRIANS will have its highly exciting Launch. The launch will witness a one of a kind behavioural experiment. Behavioural experiments are planned activities intended to test out different ideas one holds about human behaviour. Thus, they help to scientifically determine the validity of a hypothesis about human behaviour by manipulating different social variables. This behavioural experiment involves studying the influence of mood and music on wine and beverage tasting. The experiment will see 50 participants trying two different kind of beverages – 2 juices and 2 wines, and a mix of different types of music. In such controlled settings we will be attempt to determine the relation between wine & beverages and music & mood.

These kinds of consumption studies serve a very important purpose. This is because there are several complex psychosocial subprocesses functioning at every stage of consumption of a good or service which determines the manner in which we select and use the same. For example, factors like social norms, emotions, culture can determine our level of satisfaction with a product.

We attempt to broaden the field of consumption studies in India to wine tasting, and our first foray into this unique territory will be assisted by Sula. Sula is at the forefront when it comes to wine in India. They were the first group to produce the French Sauvignon Blanc and Californian Chenin Blanc varieties in India’s largest grape-growing region, Nashik. Sula vineyards currently occupies a total of 1800 acres in Nashik and in Dindori producing some of India’s finest wines.

IRIANS hopes to push the envelope in the field of consumption research so that there are new avenues of study and we have a better understanding of consumption patterns. This launch is one of a kind as no such experiment has ever been conducted in India and we are eagerly waiting for our results to come in!


Intuitively conceived, scientifically proven



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