Why? and How?

Somewhere deep in the recesses of consciousness, the way we go about shaping designs and the way we conceive solutions to neuroscience hypotheses are similar and basic. These basic networks that distinguish humans from other species are a shared mystery. Architects know that by thinking creatively they can find three-dimensional solutions to human habitats and sometimes do this so well that history books will record their achievement. Neuroscientists know that if they imaginatively utilize the scientific process to study the brain they can find new knowledge of value and sometimes find new knowledge that is unique and so important that it deserves a Nobel Prize.

We spend more than 90% of our waking hours inside of buildings. It consequently seems appropriate to consider making a special effort to encourage doctoral and postdoctoral students in neuroscience programs to undertake research programs and projects related to hypotheses derived from the studies of architectural experiences. New sources of funding are likely to emerge for the support of interdisciplinary science in the next few years. Therefore let’s encourage students,professors and graduate assistants to move into this new field, architecture would have a greater potential to improve the lives of generations yet to come.



General Secretary

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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