Next stop: Ground floor- the Brainstem

“Even as a small child, you witnessed the healing power of your brain stem at work. If you scraped your knee, you could watch day-by-day as your body repaired itself, eventually becoming a brand new patch of skin. This kind of phenomenon, although commonplace, is really quite miraculous.
But what does the brain stem have to do with all this? Your brain stem is a like a hidden conductor of the great symphony that makes up the intricate systems of your body through feelings. Without any conscious direction from you, it sends out messages to the body, telling your heart how fast to beat, commanding your white blood cells to spring into action, directing your digestive system to go to work, and coordinating a myriad of other bodily functions that continuously support your health and well-being.

The role of the brain stem is essentially to maintain your state of equilibrium. The body is designed to maintain a consistent state of health and emotions. You could say that any prolonged disease represents lack of equilibrium in the body.

The great majority of the diseases of modern society, as you probably already know, are the result of lifestyle rather than some outside influence. In a way, through the choices we habitually make, we get in the way of our brain stem, and it never really has the chance to do its job.

The part we have control over is the prefrontal cortex, the thinking part of the brain. To put it simply, people today think too much. The thinking brain is constantly sending messages that keep our bodies in a state of alarm, and they never have ample time to recover. The trick is to quiet the thinking mind and gain control over the content it produces so that the brain stem has a chance to coordinate the equilibrium that it exists to create.” Ilchi Lee, Educator, author.
To comprise the Brain Stem and its concept, you need to understand what a feeling is through the undertanding of the concept of ‘emotions’. Emotions are the execution of a very complex program of actions, some which are actually movements, internal movements or releases of molecules. The purpose of having emotions in our life is to make life easier and more comfortable in order to take care of a danger or and oportunity. They are mostly set by our genome and our personal experience and are very similar between us and also between individuals across the species.

But a feeling is a portrail of what is going on in the organism. Having an emotion does not require to actually feel it as for that you need to represent the instructors of your amygdala. One of the most important could be the insular cortex which further studies shown that is the part which reacts to each emotion.

You have to keep in mind that we are actually exposed to different threats as predations, inclement weather, food, sex… so emotions were fixed in history to make us check what we are doing is actually right. Emotions have different levels from non-conscious to conscious and each of these allow us to become to know what we are going to do next through feelings. Feelings stay in memory and, therefore, we know how to react to future stimulus.

Comprise your emotions and you will understand your feelings. Comprise both and you will surely have a pleasant life.



Co-Founder/ Co- CEO

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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