Motivation in HRD

The emphasis lies on the man,not on the work-Gilbreth.HRM is a part of management that involves planning for human resource needs,including recruitment and selection, training and development.

The most valuable asset of any organisation is its personnel and the most crucial driving force for any person is his/her level of morale and motivation. For any organisation talented and motivated employees are its strength. The attitude, viewpoints make a great impact on the successful running of a company.

Motivation is one of the most important concept in HRD.Its a theoretical concept used to explain behaviours.

According to Maehr and Meyer, ‘motivation is a word that is part of the popular culture as few other psychological concepts are.’

Motivation can be understood as the desire or drive that an individual has to get the work done. Hence one of the most vital and essential task of the management is to motivate its human resource, i.e.the employees in order to maximise their performance and achieve industrial success.

The human factor is considered as the central point in the psychology of management as its essence and core.

Seyidor (2000)has given attention to four basic problems or fundamental questions of the psychology of management :



Interpersonal relations

Selection of personnel.

Motivation -activity of the person, its formation in the process of its realisation and satisfaction gained from the activity.

The psychology of management is the branch of psychology studying mental features of the person and its behaviour in the course of planning, organisation,management and the control of joint activity.

An important method by HRD for improving motivation level is by interviewing or getting questionnaire filled by employees. This helps in identifying the basic requirements of the employee in relation to the motivational impetus.

Its important to find the gaps in the workplace that lead to low motivation levels.Through motivation HRM has to strike a balance between different viewpoints. Team work has to be maintained and resolve conflicts without any confusion.

Map each individuals skill area wise, accordingly design,guide and steer towards the goal through proper motivation .

At IRIANS our core team specialises in Human Resource Optimization; a process by which we identify certain key issues in the Human Resources of an organisation by certain tried and tested Psychological and Neurological protocols.

This takes into consideration not only macro organisational factors but also individual and group dynamics.

This is done through certain set procedures using a combination of psychological profiling simulated environments, individual and group tasks,observation and behavioural experiments.

We also offer bespoke courses to HR managers and the higher managerial positions in order to identify loopholes and develop strategies to fill them.

Aditi Dutta Chatterjee


Human Resources Director

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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