The function of Human Resources in developing industries

The Human Resource team is the heart of any organisation, which involves multi functional activities and analytical skills.

One of the most important functions is recruitment and ensuring that the team recruited is developed to its full potential.

The first step in effective recruitment is to create ‘Employer Brand’, representing the organisation’s values, vision, mission and good image which in turn will attract candidates that align with the organisation’s core messages.

Within the departments identify hiring needs and the skills required to fulfill the role accordingly. Develop in detail the job description and ensure accurate attention is given to the person spec and as well as the job description.

The next step is to reach out to potential candidates through targeted and mass communications.

During the selection process:

It is HR’s roles to ensure a fair and unbiased process and compliance with laws. They will also ensure that equal opportunity criteria are met for the roles.

The Personal Profile Analysis: Based on the work of Dr William Marston is a model designed to analyse a person’s ability to handle a job.

He talks about the importance of four characteristics: dominance, influence, steadiness, compliance.

The personal analysis forces the person being evaluated to select the words most and least describing him/her. By charting these choices scientifically we are able to get an insight into how this person will behave and cope with his work environment and in turn give us a key to his/her present attitude and indicate possible performance,

This most importantly provides consultation and assistance tool during the process of selection.

Ensuring that individuals and the team are nourished and driven are key parts of the HR,but more importantly part ensuring a successful and sustainable organisation.

Aditi Dutta Chatterjee


Human Resources Director

IRIANS- The Neuroscience Institute


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